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first, nature – which works upon us by its laws


A one-stop creative space that gives ideas and energies to fuel inspiration.



When you first set foot in AKSEN Domisili, your attention will immediately be riveted on the large glass window with a glimpse of wooden bookshelves.

Just by climbing a few stairs, you will enter a whole new world smelled like books and happy solitude. The mezzanine itself is an office for the AKSEN team, where imagination comes to life.

AKSEN Branding Consultant

The vanguard to generate emotional appeal.


An arena of possibility opening a window into the soul and a door onto the world.


AKSEN Branding Consultant

One step ahead of the game.
An aberrant full-service branding consultant who invents brands for visionary minds.

Established in 2015, AKSEN is an independently owned global branding consultant known for our holistic and inclusive approach.

Our services revolve around the concrete and conceptual ideas that reinforce your brand such as business assessment, visual identity, graphic design, art direction, content creation, as well as physical and digital touch points.

We are taking pride in our ability to translate your big ideas into a refined brand that fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and communicates your vision.

When it comes to defining your brand, we want to create something that sticks. Hence we always strive to deliver the ultimate branding message by touching on as many senses as possible.



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Where past, present, and future collide
Through reading, we expose ourselves to new information, new ways to solve a problem, and new methods to achieve a goal.

For AKSEN team, books are part of our everyday life, both as a professional as well as an individual who is inquisitive about everything.

Our reading habit makes us realize the importance of having a library of our own as an integrated platform for enlarging our scope of knowledge and brainstorming with a lot of ideas.

Nestled on the 1st floor of AKSEN Domisili, our book collection takes up the walls from floor to ceiling. You are more than welcome to spend your days going through a variety of books ranging from encyclopedias to magazines.

Total Books

> 2000



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