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thus the triumph of life is expressed by creation


A one-stop creative space that provides equitable access to information and entertainment for all visitors.

APEX Floor

APEX Floor

As well as being an orchid nursery and conservatory owned by our vendor, De Orchidee Privé, the space available at the top of AKSEN Domisili can be hired for private functions.

Please note that even though we love to share knowledge and experience with you, we still need to preserve the ideal environment for the plants by limiting the number of visitors. Hence we recommend you to make a prior reservation.

Nursery and conservatory

Intoxicating blend of nature quest and science.

Al fresco entertainment

Open-air space that has endless decorating possibilities.

APEX Floor


Sinking into the rhythms of nature.
The sky’s the limit for creating your next one-of-a-kind experience.

Flowers go with people through the occasions of life. It helps people to express those things for which sometimes words are not enough. We also believe that flowers exist to nourish every soul and to make people stop, appreciate a moment and breathe.

Keeping this in mind, Verdant Artisan Floristry presents ourselves as Jakarta-based artisan floral design studio offering only the finest quality flowers at affordable prices, as well as providing an exceptional customer experiences. We only use fresh (not artificial) cut flowers, greeneries, plants, and fruits, because we strive to find you the “perfect bloom.” Please note that we do not use synthetic fragrance and/or artificial coloring.

Whether you are looking to dress up a special event with large-scale floral installations or simply to add a little elegance to the everyday, we focus on meeting the varied requirements and tastes of a diverse client base.

Entire Area

121.9 m2


3.7 m


24 people


Environmentally involved communities.
With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, orchids carry an unrivaled symbol of refinement, elegance, and strength.

Believe in the Education of Nature

Although we’ve dedicated the space at the top of AKSEN Domisili building for the orchid conservatory purpose, we realize that we cannot fight the “battle” alone. Just like the other nature conservancy, it takes many people to work it out, both effectively and efficiently.

De Orchidee Privé believes that the first step toward change is awareness. Without realizing that orchid is a natural creation whose beauty should be appreciated and whose existance should be preserved, there would be no souls who are moved to be the forerunner of this continual struggle.

One of the ways we take to raise public awareness is by providing comprehensive information about orchid from its history, variety, current condition, to their chance of survival in the future.

Conservation by Cultivation and Seed-banking

Each and every orchid in our place is the result of cultivation from the best parent sourced from wilderness throughout the archipelago. The parents themselves are the hereditary collections which have been curated based on international standard, and subsequently cultivated at De Orchidee Privé who plays the role as a nursery as well as showcase gallery.

In order to support the purpose of conservatory, we always control the number of rare plants that we have to make sure they are far from extinction.




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